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Strut Nut Socket Set (5pc) - Bi-Hex - 12pt

AST6192  5 piece set of handy open sided sockets which can be used with a hex key or spanner to counter hold the strut piston.

  • Bi-Hex - 12 pt - 1/2" drive
  • Sizes: 18mm, 19mm, 21mm, 22mm, 24mm
  • Suitable for use on the majority of european vehicles

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Hub Clamp Spreader Set  (2pc) - 1/2" Drive

Hub Clamp Spreader Set (2pc) - 1/2" Drive

AST6191  Hub Clamp Spreader Set will efficiently release the strut leg by opening the clamp for easy removal / replacement without risking damage to the hub casting.

  • Set consists of 1 long & 1 short 1/2" drive spreader
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of hubs commonly found on front and rear strut assemblies.
  • The lobed form of the spreader bit reduces the amount of effort required to expand the hub clamp
Hub Clamp Spreader Set  (2pc) - 1/2" Drive

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