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Parking Sensor Bumper Cutter Set - 3 piece - 17mm / 18.2mm / 19mm

AST6140  is a 3 pc parking sensor bumper cutter set covering popular sensor sizes in durable steel construction.

  • Covers popular sensor sizes: cutters Ø 17mm, Ø 18.2mm, Ø 19mm 
  • Durable steel construction
  • Manual operation for greater control
  • Accurate cutting of the required hole into plastic bumper or trim panel by tightening the central bolt

Individual Sensor Cutters within the set:

  • AST6141   -   17mm PDC Sensor Cutter
  • AST6142   -   18.2mm PDC Sensor Cutter
  • AST6143   -   19mm PDC Sensor Cutter

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