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Clutch Master Cylinder Piston Rod Release Pliers - OPEL/VAUXHALL - PSA - VAG

AST6119 provides a simple method of disconnecting the clutch pedal from the master cylinder connecting rod.

The plastic connecting rod of the master cylinder is attached to the pedal by means of a ball & socket joint. The rod provides the ball end, the socket is located  in the rear of the clutch pedal only after the ball and socket joint has been engaged.

Separation of the ball & socket joint is carried out by simultaneously depressing the plastic retaining clips on either side of the clutch pedal to release the socket from the pedal moulding.  An awkward working location combined with a difficult to access retaining clip can make this a very difficult task.

AST6119 provides a simple solution, allowing the user to quickly and easily depress the retaining clips and detach the pedal from the master cylinder without assistance from another person.

Typical applications:

Citroën:  C4, Picasso/Grand Picasso (13-)

Peugeot:  308 (13-)

Opel-Vauxhall:  Adam, Astra-J, Cascada, Zafira/Tourer

VAG:  Audi A1 / A3 / A4, VW Golf, Passat, Eos

OE Tool References:  G-0350-C, T10005, DT-6202B

OEM tool codes included in this kit:

  • DT-6202-B
  • G-0350-C
  • T10005

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