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Angular Torque Gauge
  • Angular Torque Gauge


Angular Torque Gauge

AST6132 provides a quick and accurate method of applying an angular (rotational) torque to a fastener such as a cylinder head bolt, connecting rod bolt or crankshaft pulley bolt.

Angular torque settings are typically found on single use 'torque to yield' fasteners (stretch bolts). The fastener is first tightened to a specific torque value using a torque wrench (measured in Nm or lb/ft), then tightened by a further angular measurement (measured in degrees) to achieve the desired torque setting.

Used in conjunction with a standard 1/2" ratchet or power bar and socket, AST6132 Angular Torque Gauge features:

    • 1/2" female drive input for ratchet or power bar connection

    • 1/2" male drive output for socket

    360° incrementally marked face with adjustable marker for quick and simple setting

       of the tool and rotation to any given angular position

    • Positioning pin with long and short rods to set the incrementally marked face

       at a 'zero' position

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