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Fuel Filter Cap Tool Set - 1.3 / 1.9 JTD / CDTi - Fiat - Lancia - Vauxhall/Opel

AST6053 -  This Fuel Filter Cap Set has been developed to aid removal of the 'Canister Type' Filter Assembly when replacing the filter element on  1.3 / 1.9 JTD/CDTi engines. Without the use of the correct tools, the filter housing and cap can be damaged when releasing the cap to replace the filter element.

The AST6053 Tool Set provides:

    • Specialised Filter Cap Wrench which grips the '6 x notches' of the filter cap to

       release and tighten it.

    • Filter Housing Holding Tool (vice fitting) to firmly hold the filter housing without

       causing damage, whilst releasing/tightening the filter cap


    • Fiat,  Lancia - 1.3JTD / 1.9JTD

    • Vauxhall/Opel - 1.3CDTi / 1.9CDTi 


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